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Esther’s journey began at a stage when she was experiencing an imbalance in mind, body, and soul. She began to focus on healing her body. This led her to discover various forms of movement such as Tabatta training, plyometrics training, Cardio circuit training and Pilates. These movement exercises awakened a glow and vibrancy in Esther, beginning her passion for health and wellness.

The desire to share this gift with the world led her to studies in Occupational Therapy. Moving to New York, she received her personal training certification from the American College of Sport Medicine. After spending time working at Lucille Roberts, a gym in Brooklyn, her popularity grew and she built a large client base of Chasidic Jews. After several years of working with this community, who deemed her the ‘Jillian Michaels of the community’ she felt it was time to start the healing work of the mind and soul, traveling to southeast Asia with that mission in mind. There she studied yoga, meditation and intuitive movement.

Through learning these methods she discovered the importance of including techniques to heal the mind and soul in the healing of the body. Esther’s approach incorporates a gentle nurturance but yet maintains her fierce passion with a supportive environment to empower the client to reach harmony.


"I'd highly recommend Esther as a trainer. I go to Esther once a week, as well as doing my own training,
but it's been a great way to keep on track and set small goals. I've been with her about 6 months now and it's
probably been the longest time I've stuck with any consistent fitness plan, thanks to her!"
Chana M.

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